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M.A.T. Spray in bedliner coating will greatly increase the life of your bumper.   Most painted steel items take a beating in the Wisconsin weather.  Salt corrosion can break down your bumpers and rust will deteriorate them  within a few years  in our environment.  Our bedliner coating will seal in the metal to protect it.  Salt won’t be able to penetrate our coating to rust the metal.  M.A.T. bedliner coating will keep your bumper looking great far beyond it’s normal lifespan.  If you want a rugged look nothing beats our coating.  The High Pressure Texture has a look that will separate your truck from the rest.  Take a look at our pics and see for yourself!!

Bedliner Coating Front Bumper - $250.00
Bedliner Coating Rear Bumper - $250.00

Replacement Front Bumper / Grille Guard - $300.00

If bumper needs to be removed and reinstalled - $150.00 


Price: $249.95

Service Area: Madison, Middleton, Stoughton, Waunakee, Verona, Watertown, Edgerton, Milton, Mc Farland, Lodi, Cottage Grove and surrounding communities.