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Katzkin Leather Kits

Katzkin Leather Kits

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Download the catalog of logo designs available for your leather seats here.


Quality Control

Insurance Certificate

We are aware of your concerns regarding the new Occupant Classification Safety Systems that will be found on all popular vehicles by 2006. Katzkin has always taken a proactive stance on safety matters, especially airbag safety matters like OCS. We started performing airbag system testing through 3rd party test facilities in 1997 and have continually performed internal and external testing to ensure that our products meet and exceed the highest standards.

We have recently completed a broad range of tests specified by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208 to determine if our leather interiors would affect the performance of the OCS systems. Those tests demonstrated that Katzkin Leather Interiors, when properly installed, DID NOT interfere with the performance of the Occupant Classification Safety Systems.
This manual provides the results of our recent OCS testing, SRS tests and an overview of our warranty, quality and insurance coverage. Inside you also find information that will help you better understand the most popular OCS systems. Most importantly, section 2.0 contains the results of tests performed by MGA Research Laboratories on vehicles with OCS Systems.
Because we understand your concerns, we are maintaining our industry leading $51 million per occurrence insurance policy (see section 4), 3 year/36,000 mile warranty and ISO 9001 manufacturing facility. You can feel confident selling Katzkin Leather Interiors to your customers. We have sold over 250,000 interiors without a single reported airbag system failure. This success can be attributed to our world-class manufacturing facility and the finest restyling facilities in the industry, like yourself.


Katzkin Colors

Katzkin Colors

Katzkin Colors
Katzkin Colors

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